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Best Magician for New Rochelle NY Birthday Parties

Best Magician for New Rochelle NY Birthday Parties? That takes a lot of nerve. Of course, anyone can say they're the best. (In fact I just did). How do you find a great magic show for your child's birthday party?

If you need an excellent comedy-magician in town, you just did! My very own magic and illusion show has everything you could need for a children's birthday party all over New Rochelle, NY.

It's a fun-filled family comedy and magic show for children. It will astound your invitees - it's a magic show filled with laughter and surprises. Rev up your party with laugh out loud and mind-boggling fun for all of the family. (How's that for hyperbole?)

How can you find very good magician for children in New Rochelle? (You just did)

First, hire a pro not an newcomer. A professional entertainer has to be good, but an amateur can afford to stink! Pick a magician (not a clown, please, I beg you) who specializes in kid's parties. Kids can be a tough audience - don't rely on a hobbyist - get a professional magician, like,me. (Subtle, huh?)

I also do balloonimals (balloon sculptures) shapes to create what one cretin calls, "An extraordinary special event enjoyable extravaganza."

Incredible Funny Magic + Juggling + Balloons and a Live Bunny Rabbit! What are you waiting for? My weekends sell out fast - so call now.


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