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Beacon NY Party Magician

Magician in Beacon, NY 12508

Great for Family Parties Bunny Rabbit Audience Participation Magic Juggling Illusions Sleight of Hand Comedy

Beacon Birthday Party Magician!

Get your next party off to a fun and magical start! Book my magic and comedy show and you're guests will have a great time, guaranteed!

Birthday Clowns? Forget that! Little kids and even some adults are scared of clowns! Hire a costumed character like Sponge Bob, Batman, Spiderman? Ehhh ... after about 10 minutes the kids will be bored. And the older kids will already start to notice the costume doesn't look right and that superhero looks a bit out of shape. No!

You need a professional magic show.

I travel all over Beacon and would love to make your next party lots of fun!


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