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Amazing! Port Washington Party Magician

Looking for a magician for a party around Port Washington, New York?

Port Washington Party Magician

Choose the very best magician to entertain and delight your guests. How do you pick the best magician?

First, find the magician who has the most experience in the best reviews. Take a look at my Facebook page and you will see scores of tremendous reviews from happy clients from all over Long Island and the rest of New York City.

Anyone can claim that they do a great show but very few can back up with high-caliber of testimonials and reviews. after you've checked out my reviews you may want to look at one of my videos to get a sense of what type of show I can do for you. Keep in mind that every parties different and that I customize my show for each and every audience. That means if there are lots of little kids at the party I'll do sillier types of tricks but if there are older children, teenagers and adults all do more sophisticated magic.

Port Washington Magician

Parents book my show when they have a house full of kids showing up for a birthday party, communion party, christening party or any other type of family event. This is his will book the shower when they're having up open house, grand opening or some  other special event like a Christmas party or Hanukkah party. One of the unique things about my show is that it's designed for family audiences. That means it's not a "kiddie show", even though little kids love it.

Yes, I can do magic for toddlers (age three is about the very youngest) but my real strength is in entertaining both children and adults.


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