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Adult Party Entertainment Ideas; Magician? NYC & Long Island

Birthday Party Entertainment Ideas for Adults (all of New York City to way out on Long Island)

Who says tricks are for kids? My magic and comedy show is perfect for all sorts of grown-up events like surprise parties, anniversaries, going away parties and big birthday parties.

Lots of party planners book me to entertain at milestone birthday parties .... 21st Birthday, 30th, 40th, 50th,65th Birthday Parties ... you get the drift.

Why do people book a magician for a part? The answer is simple; FUN! Let's say you're throwing a surprise party for your spouse. You're going to invite old friends from the neighborhood, people the birthday celebrant grew up with, others that they went to school with, relatives, in-laws and people from work. While all these people know the guest of honor well ... they don't know each other! That can be awkward.

It Has To Be Magic!

When you book my magical services I break the ice and get the party going so fast you'd swear it has to be magic. I'll get your husband's grandma laughing with his old fraternity brother and get his boss sharing an amazing moment with your next door neighbors.  Something powerful happens when people share a moment of wonder and laughter together ... it's called bonding.

Here's What One 40th Birthday Girl Said About The Show

Brian - we loved every minute of your "performance" and so did my guests. You were so funny and spontaneous and the magic was outstanding. I probably did a lousy job of mingling with my guests because I spent so much time watching you and laughing! One of my friends told me she's been to dozens of parties/Bar Mitzvahs/etc. and you were by far the best magician she had seen. You were extremely professional from the moment we first talked and you definitely provided exactly what I wanted for my 40th birthday party! Thanks again and I recommend you HIGHLY!

Comedy & Magic for Adults From Long Island to All of New York City

I generally do either a stand-up show, a walk-around performance or a combination of both. My stand-up comedy & magic show combines funny, audience participation routines that are designed to make your guests the star of the show. I'll get the guest of honor up to help and we'll do some goofy stuff. Of course I never embarrass a volunteer - it's fun for everybody. The stand-up show runs anywhere from 20 minutes to a full hour but I find the best length is 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the venue, time of night and how much booze has been served!

My close-up magic will knock your socks off. I combine the art of sleight of hand with mind-reading and humor as I stroll around doing "mini-shows" for groups of people sitting around the party. This type of show is very effective for parties where you are going to have music playing all night. Rather than stopping the music and the dancing, a walk-around magic show can entertain the people who don't like to dance (the vast majority of middle-aged married men who only "dance" when drunk ... and older guests, guests with disabilities, etc).

I go from table to table or mingle around the cocktail hour and bring people together for that shared moment of magic that will get strangers laughing and having fun with each other.

It's a popular form of added entertainment at wedding cocktail receptions, business events, retirement parties, bar mitzvahs, Sweet 16's and Holiday Parties.

I travel all over NYC doing magic and yes, I go out to the Hamptons too. So, give me a call and let's discuss your party!


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