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A Nice Party Room in Park Slope, Brooklyn

I do a lot of birthday parties and parents are always asking me to recommend a nice, affordable party room ... so when I see one I like to post it here.

Park Slope Brooklyn NY Party Room

When you think of having a birthday party at a pizza parlor you might think "too crowded, too noisy" etc. But that's not always the case.  As I've pointed out, there are two excellent Pizzeria Uno's in NYC that do give you a lot of space, great service and decent pizza. Yesterday I discovered a great place in Brooklyn.

Da Nonna Rosa

Located at 140 7th Avenue, near Carroll Street. The upstairs party room seats 75 people. That's plenty of room for a birthday party, communion party or any sort of fun family get-together. The food is great, the staff is wonderful and the party room itself looks great! Nice decor, freshly renovated. Recommended!

The only downside ... the party room is up a flight of stairs which might make it difficult for the stroller crowd or elderly guests.  Also, parking sucks on 7th Avenue .... but you already know that.

More Info:

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