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1st Birthday Party Entertainment NYC

First birthdays are big family events and most moms invite friends and family who will bring their children to the event. Unlike a typical birthday party, where you'll invite your child's classmates and friends who are all the same age, a first birthday party will typically be attended by kids with a wider range of ages. So, how do you keep all those kids happy?

Plan Age Appropriate Activities Don't expect pre-teens to play Hot Potato or for toddlers to do arts and crafts activities on their own. Match the activity to the ages of the children. Recruit Older Kids As Helpers Ask some of the older kids to help organize a game for the younger children. Bring Variety Have coloring books for the little ones and more advanced crafts for the older ones. Video Games Video games can keep children mesmerized for hours, but don't bring violent games that are inappropriate for toddlers to see or play. Entertainment Hire a family entertainer like a DJ or magician to keep the children happy. A face painter or balloon artist can add lots of fun too.

Brian McGovern is a magician in New York City. He performs magic shows for all types of family events.

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