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Over on Lexington Avenue, near Hunter College, there was a birthday party for an adorable little girl who loved magic. Little Annabelle, just 4 years old, was a wonderful host who welcomed me in and announced to the party, "The magician is here!" Suddenly a dozen children, who were running around and noisy a moment before, were spellbound. They sat down on the living room floor as the moms and nannies took to the couches and chairs. For over 45 minutes the entire party got caught up in the magic and fun. When my magical bunny appeared, everyone applauded and the kids lined up to give her a pet. (My bunny loves kids!)

What a fun party! I packed up my show and hit the road. Tonight I'm off to do a Korean Dol (or Tol) in Flushing.

Don't know what a tol is, and you call yourself a New Yorker? A dol is a Korean baby's first birthday. It is a beautiful ceremony - the family dresses in brillian silk costume, they serve ceremonial foods and then they have the ceremony. The baby sits in the center of a blanket. On the edge of the blanket are symbolic items like books, money and so on. The baby is encouraged to pick up an item. According to the tradition, the chosen item reveals the baby's future.

That's what's going on today, Friday ...tomorrow I have a birthday party on the lower east side and another in the afternoon on the upper west side of Manhattan. I'm a busy, busy magician! Sunday I'm doing a magic show in downtown NYC - then back to the west side near Central Park ... and finally a Christening in Rye, New York. I love doing magic - if you're looking for a funny, kid's magician - give me a call!

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