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Party Entertainment for Family Events on Long Island

Are you planning a party on Long Island and looking for some exciting entertainment that will appeal to both children and adults?  For family events like Communion parties, first birthdays, christenings, bar mitzvahs, wedding anniversary parties or big milestone birthday parties (like the big 40th, 50th, 65th birthday's) you want a book entertainment that will appeal to all your guests.

Music is essential for any large party, so booking a good party DJ makes sense if you're going to have a group of people that want to dance.  Some parties are not set up for dancing, like many house parties where you're going to be hosting lots of relatives of various ages and backgrounds.  You don't have loud rap music thumping grandma's ears or Sinatra music boring the teenagers. a good, professional DJ service will be able to walk you through the set list and help you create a program of music that should appeal to most your guests.

Comedy Roasts

Hiring a comedian for events like retirement parties and major milestone birthday parties can create a memorable and fun evening for all your guests. A good comic will work with you to create a customized presentation that will make the guest of honor the punchline for many jokes that you, your guests and the comedian will perform from the dais. Comedy roasts are not for everyone, some people have thinner skin than you'd imagine so before you book a roast make sure you know the personality and preferences of the guest of honor. I usually don't recommend doing a comedy roast with a mixed crowd; you may not want to have your boss and your high school buddies at the same presentation.

Comedians for Parties

You can book a stand up comedian as long as you're careful to choose comic whose material won't offend your guests.  I'm not just talking about profanity; political, religious and other topics can be a point of contention - so be careful when you book a comedian.

Comedy Magician

Comedy magic is perfect for family events because the material is not politically sensitive or sexually offensive. Comedy magic falls under the category of skilled comedy just like a comedian juggler, ventriloquist comedian, musical comedy act like dueling pianos.  The jokes come out all of the performance and the situation plus there's lots of audience participation in these types of acts where members of the audience become stars of the show.

My magic and comedy show works well for mixed audiences where you're going to have grandparents, friends, children and neighbors  together for the party.  I can perform the show as a stand up act where I do presentation of about 30 to 45 minutes in front of the crowd or I can do walk around magic.

With walk around magic I perform sleight-of-hand magic tricks for your guests at their table side or scrolling around during the cocktail hour.  You don't need to stop the party to have this type of entertainment.  I mingle with the guests and do magic that happens right before their eyes.  This always gets a huge response and its great way to break the ice.  I brought in for a lot of wedding receptions and bridal practice parties as a way of helping people get to know each other and get the crowd sharing a laugh.

Long Island Magicians

If you're interested in booking any type of entertainment for a family event anywhere on Long Island from Nassau County to Suffolk County just give us call and I'd be happy to help you make your next party your best event ever.


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