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NYC Magician - Magicians in NYC

You're planning a birthday party in New York City and you're thinking about hiring a magician?  There are many magicians in New York - some are great and some really suck. Some are expensive and suck, others are cheap and not so bad.

Since this is my website I must confess that I'm the very best magician in New York City in my hat-size. I've got a very big head. I barely squeeze into a size 8 top hat.

There are magicians who are much better than me, but they tend to have very small, almost pin-heads. If you want a great magician with a giant Irish skull ... I'm it.

Why hire a magician with a big head for your child's birthday party? There is no reason. None.

I just felt like posting an entry up here on the blog so that the search engines will know that my site is alive.

Here's the deal ... if you call me to book your child's birthday party in New York City ... normally I charge somewhere between $450 and $850 for the show. If you call and say ... "give me the big-head discount" I will do your party for only $275.

Now ... I'm not sure how long I'm going to leave this post up ... and to cover my ass I will say this offer ends 12/31/09 - so you have to call me before the end of the year to get this discount.

My guess is this post will never be seen by another human being ... like I said, I'm just typing in words so that the blog looks active and I'm including a few keyword rich hyperlinks ... all for Search Engine Optimization.

But if I want to keep this post semantically relevant I'd better blabber on with my show description ....

Magicians for birthday parties in New York City ... magic shows for family parties ... magicians for kid's events.

NYC Magician Magicians NYC New York

Call Hijinx at my office to book a magic show for your party in New York City!


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