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NY Magician in Tribeca and Manhasset Birthday Party

Being a New York City magician is full of surprises and fun opportunities. After all these years of performing magic at parties in NYC I'm still having fun.

This past Friday and did two magic shows in New York for birthday/Halloween parties. The first party was in Tribeca for little boy who was having a big party in a loft on Queen Street. What a fantastic group of people! And what a cool mom! She had found me just by Googling around and she said she liked my main website. Since she is head of a very successful design firm I took this as a big compliment.

The kids were great and the magic show went over huge with both the children and the adults.  I got a lot of requests for business cards and will probably book a few birthday parties in New York City off of this one event.

I've been a magician in New York City for years and years and I have to say that my favorite type of party is a hollow wing party.  The kids are just in a fantastic mood and ready to have fun.

After I packed up the show in Tribeca it was off to Manhasset for another birthday/Halloween party. This was a nine-year-old girl's party with about 25 happy and excited kids in costumes.

All the girls were dressed up in Halloween costumes. There were at least three Yankees in the crowd. By the time I was ready to start the show the kids were in a fantastic mood. I was able to do a very cool trick with the birthday girl and her big sister. I had the birthday girl think of a playing card and then I had the big sister think of a card.  They were both thinking of the same playing card - talk about an exciting trick. I don't usually do mind reading tricks for kids but these girls seemed pretty smart so I assumed they would be able to appreciate it. It went over big.

I ended up doing extra time at the party because the kids and the parents were so much fun. I really enjoy meeting such great people and having the opportunity to share my magic.

Finally it was time to go home. I had to early shows scheduled for Saturday morning and needed to get my bunny rabbit to bed!


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