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Long Island Kid Party Entertainment Ideas

If you're planning a kid's party on Long Island and you're looking for fun entertainment here are some great options.

Kid Show Magician

A children's magician offers entertainment to keep children of all ages happy.  The best magicians for kids can customize their shows based upon the ages of the kids. For toddlers in very young children the magic show is kept simple, fun and engaging.  The kids enjoyed lots of surprises and visual stuff and good magician will keep them guessing and laughing


Clowns are definitely not for every type of party. Children older than eight will definitely find a clown show to be beneath them!  "Clowns are for babies!" they'll say. But I find that very young children can be afraid of clowns.  Before you hire a clown make sure that they don't wear too much makeup - you want the kids to understand that clowns are actually people so that they aren't afraid.

Bouncy Castles

Inflatable rides can be fun but they can also be dangerous.  Every year kids on Long Island are injured on amusement rides and inflatable castles.  To avoid accidents make sure he never let big kids and little kids in the ride at the same time. make sure whoever you rent from is fully insured, and make sure your homeowners insurance policy is fully paid up and cover accidents that these rides can cause.

Pony Rides & Petting Farms

Pony rides and petting farms are fun for outdoor events during the summer. Make sure none of the children that you invite have allergies to farm animals.   The last thing you want is to have your guest get sick because of contact with the animals. Again, make sure farm that supplies the animals is fully insured.  As for certificate of insurance and check with your insurance agent before you hire a pony ride or petting farm on your property.

Book A Magic Show For Real Fun!

The best choice and entertainment on Long Island for kids parties? well, if you've read this far you can tell I'm a bit biased when it comes to recommending entertainment.  My magic show is great for kids events and family parties were you looking for something fun and exciting.

My magic show includes lots of amazing sleight of hand, comedy, juggling, balloon animals and even a live bunny rabbit.  What you're planning a birthday, school event, scout dinner, fundraiser, company picnic or holiday party my magic show is the perfect way to entertain children of all ages. Great for 1st birthdays, communions, christening and other family events.

I travel all over Long Island from Nassau County to The Hamptons in Suffolk.

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